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A Range of Services and Solutions


Offering a broad range of Executive Consulting services worldwide focusing on senior and executive management and specializing in the media-, travel-, airline-, hospitality industries, online sales,

e-business and start-ups.


The portfolio includes analysis of existing business challenges, development of plans for improvement, change management, investor relations, marketing automation, strategic development; emphasis on restructuring or building and managing business.





Management on Demand is the temporary integration of external executives and senior managers with long-time experience into the operational first and second management levels.


We take over the assignment on short notice, are always result oriented and in distinction to regular business consulting take fiscal responsibility and accountability within our role. Purpose is to leave the company, as soon as stable new senior management levels have been established.



Digital Business Transformation is fundamentally about change through the use of digital technologies and business models, essentially enabling new forms of innovation and creativity to increase performance, rather than simply enhancing and supporting traditional approaches.

Organizational change is the basis of digital business transformation. Structural change, related to people, processes, strategies, organizations, and competitive dynamics, is where most of the challenges and opportunities reside.


Management On Demand & Consulting

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