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“Ron Yeatman and I met beginning of the 1990’s, when he was Managing Director for Central- and Eastern Europe at the Global Distribution System Worldspan. Our business relationship with Worldspan was so smooth and constructive that we eventually processed almost our entire air business over their system. This was explicitly his merit as he had built a motivated, innovative und service driven team that in many ways was superior to other suppliers. Due to this experience he was our first choice in 1996 when we were in search of a manager for our entire air business. He took leadership of the division as Vice President and in addition shortly later as Managing Director of our subsidiary Bavaria Flugreisen. Ron rapidly expanded these entrusted significant business divisions, increasing the performance year over year. When in 2001 the group decided to establish an online travel portal as a new strategic business segment again Ron Yeatman was chosen to set up and manage these activities. He mastered this complex task as well, successfully positioning the new brand AVIGO against global competitors such as Expedia. I have gotten to know and value Ron as an exceptionally competent, farseeing, dedicated, result-oriented, but also innovative leader with great technical knowhow and the exceptional capability to lead and motivate staff members."

Peter Landsberger, Chairman


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