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“I had the privilege to work together with Ron Yeatman as my client. He, like only a few, understands the necessity to incorporate the digital mind-set and strategy throughout all parts of a business. Globe One Digital is a leading international digital agency ranked 81st in the Inc5000 and 5th in the European marketing sector. Our role was to provide Ron with both an overall strategy for his approval, as well as manage the performance of multi million Euro campaigns in this highly changing and competitive digital marketing environment. Although he is a stranger to micromanaging and his nature is to concentrate on the bigger picture - the final result, he regularly committed his time to our briefings. Digital marketing often lacks the glamour of traditional advertising and requires an analytical mind set, so his participation was crucial and you could count on him spotting possible areas of improvement. I have experienced Ron as someone who thinks out-of-the-box as well as an effective decision maker and a very responsible, authentic professional”    


              Dimitris Papoutsis, Founder & Managing Director

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